New Home Warranty

Home Warranty

Get the best new home warranty protections in the business today. Get the Blanket Advantage.

When you decide to buy that new home you will have many choices to make – from the location of your home to the type of flooring and appliances you wish to have, from the style and color of your kitchen cabinets to which side of the house will the garage fit on. The list is practically endless!

When you pick your builder, after asking for references from previous purchasers, make sure he is a builder member of Blanket Home Warranty. The builder members of Blanket Home Warranty are proud to provide a warranty that is fully backed by Canada’s largest insurance companies. You cannot ask for better consumer protection than that!

Blanket Home Warranty gives you solid and secure warranty insurance coverages at every step of your new home voyage.

If applicable your deposit, up to $100,000 is completely insured.

You have defect insurance coverage of up to $100,000.00, for one year defects in materials and workmanship from your builder and for five years for structural defects.

If the nature of any repair work requires you to vacate your home for a short period of time, you are covered for additional living expenses of $100.00/day to a maximum of $6,000.00

Blanket Home Warranty’s fully trained inspection team is on your construction site working with your builder to ensure he is building to the high standards expected in the building industry.

Your builder may have signed you up for the monthly email reminders of required homeowner maintenance from Conasys Inc. Take full advantage of this and register your email with Conasys.

Blanket Home Warranty believes in the value of your feedback about your building experiences and has asked Avid Ratings Canada to conduct online surveys with you about your experiences. We really do encourage you to take the time and complete it.


Do you need to file a claim for warranty insurance?

While we certainly hope you never need to make a claim, we are here to help resolve warrantable defects when your builder does not.

You should always let your builder know your concerns. Do so in a professional and thorough manner, describing your concerns with as much detail as possible. Think of including pictures! And, most importantly, give your builder a reasonable amount of time to resolve what you believe to be defects; cooperate with him in the scheduling of visits by himself and his trades to inspect the problems and to do any work required.

If you own a condominium unit, some of your concerns may be potential defect claims relating to the common property; if that is the case, you should notify your board of directors and/or the property manager so that they can evaluate the situation and perhaps submit their own claim.

To help determine what is and is not a defect, as well as to ensure you help prevent any problems yourself, please refer to the following documents found on our website:

Review your new home warranty insurance policy that sets out limits, exclusions, expiry dates, claim reporting cut off dates, etc. You do have a limited warranty insurance policy and not everything is covered – for example any non completed items and contractual deficiencies.

If you find that you do need to file a claim, complete the Request for Dispute Resolution form and submit it to Blanket Home Warranty; you can do so by fax, mail or email.